prince harrys life

It is very unlikely that Prince Harry will ever become the King of England.

In order for this to happen:
Queen Elizabeth II would have to abdicate or die;
Prince Charles, Harry’s father, would have to abdicate or die;
Prince William, his brother, would have to abdicate or die prior to having a male heir himself.

All three scenarios would be necessary for Prince Harry to gain the throne. Officially, he is third in line of succession to the British throne.

Prince Harry has been a controversial, albeit likeable, young man. There are several reasons why people throughout the British Empire might love to see Prince Harry as their king.

  1. Harry is followed closely by the media who give the people what they want to see and hear.
  2. He doe not appear to seek the limelight nor to want the office, which is appealing.
  3. He is a great sportsman, excelling in competitive polo and skiing.
  4. Harry has been labeled as “The Happy Prince” because he always has a smile on his face.
  5. He is following a military career, serving on the front line in Afghanistan and training to fly Apache attack helicopters with the RAF.
  6. His long-time girlfriend Chelsea Davy with whom he is rumored to be dating again is an attorney. This is in contrast to Kate Middleton, William’s girlfriend who was counseled by Queen Elizabeth to get a career instead of working in her family’s party goods mail order business.

These are not all great reasons to promote Prince Harry to the kingship.

A close look at Harry’s resume brings up several issues which make him an unfavorable choice to become the King of England.

  1. Prince Harry is not academically gifted, choosing a military career rather than pursuing a college education.
  2. When he was 17 years old, Harry indulged in underaged drinking and experimented with marijuana.
  3. In 2004, Harry engaged in some fisticuffs with a photographer who hit him in the nose with a camera.
  4. He was cautioned against his use of racist words such as “Paki” and “raghead.”
  5. He was criticized for wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party for which he made a public apology.
  6. Lastly, there have always been rumors that Harry is not the son of Prince Charles, but the result of a love tryst between Princess Diane and James Hewitt, a former officer in the British household cavalry. Harry’s resemblance to James Hewitt is startling, whereas he appears to have none of the Windsor characteristics.

Prince Harry’s life will always be scrutinized closely. Let us hope he finds a comfortable niche where he can contribute to the welfare of his family and his country. The possibility of his becoming king is zero to none.

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